Blogger Friends Ka’amatan Get Together

Daniel aka Gallivanter had organised for a get together for us blogger friends for Kaamatan recently.

It has been a while since WC and I last met him, plus I was already on leave that week, so there was no way we would miss the meetup! :)

We were all supposed to meet up at Tanjung Aru, but the plan later changed to The Retro Club Bar & Restaurant in KK Times Square for dinner there.

jammin jambalaya - the retro club kk

My dinner.. Jammin Jambalaya with my 3 choices of side dishes: potato wedges, mashed potatoes, and V.O.D.


The weather was quite bad that night; it rained heavily in the evening for a few hours and I think that was probably why a lot couldn’t come that night.


The ladies of the night.. Chegu Carol, WebGrrrl, and yours truly


The men, clockwise from top left: WC aka the hubster, Gallivanter, Paival, Zie, and Alvin


Group photo!

These are the same people from the 1st KK Bloggers Meet! Gosh, can y’all believe that happened 6 years ago?? How times flies!

Nice seeing you guys again! :)

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2 observations on “Blogger Friends Ka’amatan Get Together
  1. chegu carol

    I was not in the 1st gathering actually. Wanted to go but didn’t make it. Hehe…anyways, i enjoyed the meet up and hope we’ll get to catch up again.

  2. Arms

    Cool gathering. I recognized a few faces hehe. Hope to meet them and you too, someday la hehe.

    Happy Wednesday!

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