2013 China Trip, Part 2

Continuation from 2013 China Trip, Part 1..

This is where we stayed for 5 nights in Guangzhou:

venice hotel guangzhou

The hotel is called Venice Hotel.

It is located at this road:


It’s actually just a 3 star hotel, but for the price (around RM50-RM60 per night for Standard Room) it is good enough for us. Our room was actually clean, with aircon, bathroom/shower and all lights working as it should. We even requested for iron & ironing board, and I expected for it to be lent to us for just a couple of hours, but my surprise, it stayed in our room throughout our trip! So yay!

Also, our shower is see through from the bedroom, so WC got a good show every time I take a shower! Wakaka! :p

But we were told the guest staying beside our room didn’t have any tv and aircon remote! Imagine you couldn’t change your tv channel AND your room is as hot as a sauna! Poor them!

I guess my only complaint about the hotel is the mattress.. it’s as hard as a rock! (even though I was told the last time hubby was here last year, it wasn’t like this; must be a new mattress then eh..) I can assure you we did not have good night sleep there. Okay-okay only lah.. oh well. You can’t please everyone right.. and as they say, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!


The hotel reception.. located on 2nd floor. I was super tired by the end of the trip, and lazy to move the water bottles in the pic :p


This is how our room look like.. well, sans the window that is. Pretty decent, right? For RM50-60 a night, it’s okay what.. and it’s also located right nearby Pearl River, and clubbing area, so nightlife is not a problem here. You can still easily walk around at night.


What the outside of the hotel looks like from across the road.. There is also a middle school very close to the hotel, so the road can be very jammed during rush hour.


We wanted to go check out Pearl River up close and even plan on taking the cruise, but usually by nighttime, our feet would hurt so frigging bad from all the walking in the daytime that all we want to do is get back to the hotel and rest! So the photo above of the bridge on Pearl River is as close as we get.. taken at a traffic light from inside a taxi.

Pathetic, I know.

But on the plus side.. there’s still next year! Fingers crossed! ;p


Next up.. our metro/subway ride & food experience!

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