Homemade Body Wash V2.0

This is an update from my previous post Homemade Body Wash.

I’ve mentioned that the previous ‘recipe’ was my favourite one, but after trying this ‘Dove’ version, I changed my mind! This revised ‘recipe’ is now my favourite body wash recipe!

Why is that, you ask?

Well, who doesn’t know of Dove soap, or beauty bar, right? But it’s just so darn expensive that I have never even bother to look at the aisle selling Dove soaps at the stores.

And if you must know how much they cost, here are the prices I saw last week at a local hypermarket:

- Dove Beauty Bar 100g (the plain bar soap, like above) = RM2.49

- Dove Body Wash 200ml = RM5.30

- Dove Body Wash 1000ml (or 1L) = RM23.10

That’s right.. a tiny 200ml already costs RM5.30, and 1Litre costs a whopping RM23.10!! How crazy is that?!

So with this recipe as my guide, I cut down the recipe by 1/3 as I only wanted to try it out first. Here’s the recipe:

How to Make Your Own Body Wash (with Dove soap):

2 cups water
1 bar of Dove soap, grated

(I actually took this photo during my second project: for family and friends one, thus the 2 soaps)

Put into a pan on the stove on medium heat, stirring occasionally until all the soap is dissolved.

Transfer to a glass jar or bowl and allow to cool (I let mine cool for 24 hours), then pour into a plastic bottle for shower use! (It will thicken as it cools).

My verdict?

Since I have super dry skin, this soap is just perfect! It’s lotion-like and smells heavenly!

WC says it’s his new favourite body wash too! (So bye-bye to Johnson’s PH5.5!) We’re finally using the same soap in the shower now! No more His & Hers! :)

Since 1 cup = 236ml, 1 bar of this Dove soap will make about 500ml of body wash! (Since the soap will expand after 12-24 hours)

So if you want to make 1L of body wash (which will cost you RM23.10 in shops as mentioned above!) you just need to purchase 2 bars of Dove soaps, and 4 cups of water (using the 1:2 ratio). That’s only RM4.98 spent right there!

See how much money you can save just by doing the body wash yourself?

Crazy, right??

I love this body wash so much¬†that I’ve even made more the next day for friends and family to try it out, too!

But just one warning though: this soap project can be highly addictive; you will want to make more and more!  :p

Update: I’ve made this project a dozen of times now, and nowadays I just do it by at least 1L each time, so that I won’t have to constantly do this project every time! :p

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