Homemade Body Wash

Update: Here is an updated version of my Homemade Body Wash.. with Dove soap!

Here is it, my homemade body wash / hand soap project which I did last weekend!

When I first stumbled upon some video tutorials of this project, I was a bit skeptical as to the total amount of the final product.

I mean just 1 bar of soap can make over 3 litres of body wash?? Really??

So I watched and studied the videos, and thought, “That’s it! I HAVE TO do this project!

Since it was my first attempt, I found a really cheap bar soap (but still smells nice, hehe), ¬†Fruitale soap which cost me RM1.99 for 3 at Merdeka Supermarket. (I know what you’re thinking.. find a cheap product at Merdeka Supermarket again?? So no need to remind me, lol)

But anyways, that means it’s just RM0.66 a bar soap! Still really cheap, okay!

Here are the steps of making the body wash:

1. Grate the bar of soap. (Since my choice of soap is kinda small, I thought I’d use 1.5 bars of soap = RM0.99)

2. Prepare 1 gallon of water (about 16 cups) in a pot. But since the videos I watched says to use less water (and to just add more towards the end if you want your body wash to be more watery) I used 14 cups.

3. Pour the water into a pot & bring it to an almost boiled temperature. Then add the grated soap in. (Some recipes also called for glycerin to be put into the pot in this step, but some also didn’t, so I didn’t use any)

4. Stir until grated soap dissolves.

5. Put aside for 10-24 hours. (I left mine for 24 hours)

6. By now, it will turn out lard-like (like the ones on videos) so use a mini mixer and mix it around. If it’s still too lumpy, then add more water to your liking. (Mine was fine, though, and I just use a whisk, though perhaps I should’ve used a mini mixer like in the tutorials)

Now get ready to be amazed!

7. Get containers that can fill in about 3.5litres of liquid and pour your body wash in!

Yes, I said 3.5 litres! At first I only prepared the middle container (photo above), thinking 1L is enough. But then I had to ask WC to help me find more containers, so he got me the 1.5 mineral water container (right in photo) and there are STILL more body wash leftover! So he got me the leftover 0.9L dishwashing liquid container too!

Total Litre for the my project = 3.4L!

Who knew a bar of soap could make THIS much of body wash!! Crazy right?! And it’s SO simple to do too!

RM0.99 for 3.4L of body wash. Not bad at all!

Since there’s so much of this body wash, I’m gonna use it for hand soap/wash in bathrooms and kitchen, too!

LOVE this project! My favourite so far! ;)

Here’s one of the video tutorials I learned from. Enjoy!

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