Thursday Tips #1

As mentioned on my previous post here, I am SUCH a Pinterest addict.. and I’m proud of it!

I see all these good tips and useful ideas on so many things that it’s keeping my mind constantly alert and wanting to try them out!

And I thought, why not blog my favourite tips of the week found on Pinterest and share it with you all, too?

For today and every Thursday I will be blogging about Thursday Tips! A new blog post category has been born today! *claps*

For the first ever Thursday Tips post, I chose these:

wall feature idea for the home

I just love this! It’s such a great idea for the home, don’t you think? Will definitely do this once le-hubby & I have our own home.

No blog post came with this particular pin, so I’m sorry I can’t say where the source is from. If any of you do know please inform me ya! Thanks!

My second Pinterest tip of the week:

Seeds started in a cupcake tin!

seed cupcake tin

Since I’m trying out my gardening skills this year (with planting ginger and carrots), I would definitely love to try out this tip in the near future.

Such a clever idea, don’t you agree? :)

Hmm.. maybe I should start a new board on Gardening, too..

That’s it.. just these two! To those of you on Pinterest, happy pinning!

And thanks for reading! :)

Still Pinterest-ing!

Blog was down for a whole week, and that reeeeaaaally sucked!

But all is well now; managed to resolve the problem with the hosting company, and it’s back up. Yay!

So what was I up to when my blog was down?



I’m not ashamed to admit it: I am addicted to Pinterest!

I could be on Pinterest for HOURS just pinning something to my boards for me to refer to later on. Also, my board called Around the World has quite a number of followers; as soon as I pin something in this board, some would always re-pin it on their own board. I just love it! Spread the Pinterest love around! :D

Have a look at my Pinterest page and follow me if you like, yeah? :)


Btw, even though not relevant to this post, Happy April Fool’s Day to y’all!

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