Music Monday: Jessie James Decker

2 things that I’m obsessed with over the weekend: Jessie James Decker’s newly released EP album (over the weekend!), and my watch. :p

Still can’t get over how much I love my watch that hubby gave me on my birthday.. and yes, it was given to me a month ago!

It’s not as nice as a Movado bold brand watch but I still love it nonetheless! :)

Anyways, back to the Jessie’s album.. LOVE LOVE LOVE this EP album!

I can’t decide which song is my favourite; there are 6 songs altogether, and I love at least 3 of them, namely Breaking Your Heart, Coming Home, and Mama Wrote You a Lullaby. But they are all great. Did I mention I love them? :D

I first found out about her on her show Eric & Jessie, Game On, and gosh, she is SO pretty (LOVE her hair!) and her hubby Eric Decker is just so gorgeous. Such a beautiful couple, them two! Love seeing them together, also because she remind me of how I act in front of my hubby too! Haha..

Here’s one of her song.. go and get her original album to support her ya!

Happy Music Monday!

Kundasang Weekend

Belated, belated post!


After a hectic weekday and then working on a company event on Saturday last 2 weeks ago, by the next day, Sunday, I was totally spent. No more energy liao!

So what did the hubby do?

He brought me out for a roadtrip to clear my mind and to get some fresh air!

Where did we go?

PhotoGrid_1398006606483 (1)

Yup, we went to Kundasang!


Like my ahjumma outfit? LOL.. I actually didn’t anticipate going out of the car; I thought he only wanted to bring me out for a drive around KK. I got fooled again! He always does this to me! LOL!

But not that I’m complaining.. isn’t he sweet to take a day off from work to help me de-stress? :)

Kundasang trip April 2014

Flowers for sale at Kundasang.. I REALLY wanna start my mini garden, so I actually bought a small pot of flower. Yay me! :)


And as usual, we had to stop at Liwagu Restaurant inside Kinabalu Park and have a drink there. The wind was cold as usual, but hubby loves it. I was just glad I had my cardigan with me! :p

I’m sure y’all are wondering why I’m talking about my Sunday 2 weeks ago, right?

My upcoming post will be a continuation to this.. so stay tuned! :)

Thursday Tips #1

As mentioned on my previous post here, I am SUCH a Pinterest addict.. and I’m proud of it!

I see all these good tips and useful ideas on so many things that it’s keeping my mind constantly alert and wanting to try them out!

And I thought, why not blog my favourite tips of the week found on Pinterest and share it with you all, too?

For today and every Thursday I will be blogging about Thursday Tips! A new blog post category has been born today! *claps*

For the first ever Thursday Tips post, I chose these:

wall feature idea for the home

I just love this! It’s such a great idea for the home, don’t you think? Will definitely do this once le-hubby & I have our own home.

No blog post came with this particular pin, so I’m sorry I can’t say where the source is from. If any of you do know please inform me ya! Thanks!

My second Pinterest tip of the week:

Seeds started in a cupcake tin!

seed cupcake tin

Since I’m trying out my gardening skills this year (with planting ginger and carrots), I would definitely love to try out this tip in the near future.

Such a clever idea, don’t you agree? :)

Hmm.. maybe I should start a new board on Gardening, too..

That’s it.. just these two! To those of you on Pinterest, happy pinning!

And thanks for reading! :)

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